Graduates 2021

Professional Peiyue (Breastfeeding) Certificate Course 2021

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Graduates who have been awarded “Certificate of Passing” in March are listed as follows:-

Date: 7 March, 2021               



Phone No.

Hui Chui Shan

6354 3852

Ip Tan Yeung 

9863 0113

Lai Sin Yee

9328 7768

Lau Wing Tak

9227 3190

Leung Hoi Suen

9380 8075

Ling Yin Shan

9338 0020

Ma Pik Man

6441 6680

Tang Shuk Wan

9090 8793



Graduates of the Professional Peiyue (Breastfeeding) Certificate Course who have been awarded “Certificate of Passing” have attended the whole course (20 hours in total) AND passed the examination. The names of graduates will be on the list of the BFHIHKA website for 3 years after their graduation.  The BFHIHKA provides the list of graduates for information purpose only. The BFHIHKA does not endorse or guarantee the quality of work of the individuals listed. It is up to employers to interview the individual workers.

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