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World Breastfeeding Week 2020 – Annual Survey Summary

To monitor the trend of breastfeeding and the effectiveness of its promotion, BFHIHKA conducts an annual survey on the breastfeeding rate in Hong Kong, maternity units’ fulfillment of the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding and healthcare workers’ observation of the compliance to the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes... Read More


Baby-Friendly e-Newsletter : Infant & Young Child Feeding and Nutrition in Perspective (July 2020)

Please click here to download the PDF version of the whole article with images. The preview is at the bottom of this webpage.   Supporting Responsive Feeding as Part of Nurturing Care   Ms Miranda H.S. LEUNG, Mrs Francis AU, Ms Theresa T. T. NG and Ms Iris H. H. CHAN (Clinical Psychologists)... Read More


The Baby-Friendly e-Newsletter – Freshly Served

Baby Friendly Watch We are honoured to invite Dr Annie Fok Oi-ling, FHKAM(Paediatrics), the BFMCHC Co-ordinator from the Family Health Service of the Department of Health, to write an article: "A Journey to the Designation of Baby-Friendly Maternal and Child Health Centres"


Revised Charges for Designation of Baby-Friendly Health Facilities in Hong Kong

The documents on the logistics of designation of Baby-Friendly Hospitals and Maternal and Child Health Centres have been revised mainly on the fees charged for the various stages of designation.


Professional “Peiyue” (Breastfeeding) Certificate Course 2020 (Apr) – Cancelled

Course Introduction The role of “Peiyue” is particularly influential in new mothers’ success in breastfeeding or otherwise. Experienced trainers have been invited to provide a 20-hour training course, which will equip “Peiyue” with the most up-to-date breastfeeding knowledge and information about community resources. It aims to provide them with proper... Read More