Professional “Peiyue” (Breastfeeding) Certificate Course 2024

Course Introduction

The role of “Peiyue” is particularly influential in new mothers’ success in breastfeeding or otherwise. Experienced trainers have been invited to provide a 20-hour training course, which will equip “Peiyue” with the most up-to-date breastfeeding knowledge and information about community resources. It aims to provide them with proper breastfeeding facilitation skills to better support breastfeeding mothers.

Course Objectives

Participants who have completed this course and passed the examination are expected to have acquired the appropriate attitude and adequate knowledge and skills to…

  • Respect postnatal mothers’ decisions on how to feed their babies and effectively communicate with the mothers and their families.
  • Support postnatal mother to breastfeed, both technically and emotionally.
  • Assist mothers to decide when their babies need a feed and whether they are adequately fed, through observing babies’ signs of hunger and satiety as well as the stool patterns.
  • Assist mothers to prevent and detect early signs of common breastfeeding issues (e.g. breast engorgement, blocked ducts etc.)
  • Assist mothers to seek medical advice should they encounter problems during breastfeeding (e.g. mastitis, low milk supply etc.)
  • If necessary, assist mothers to handle their expressed breastmilk, sterilize the breast pump and use proper utensils (e.g. a cup) to feed their babies expressed breastmilk.


Peiyue, Carers of postnatal mothers, Parents-to-be

Course highlights of Certificate Course

Milk supply mechanism Dietary tips for postnatal mothers
Proper suckling and attachment Demonstration of hand expression
Signs of effective breastfeeding Milk expression technique & usage
Supplementation of milk Common breastfeeding problems (Sore nipple, blocked ducts, flat or inverted nipple, low supply)
Breastfeeding twins & triplets/ Preterm Babies Introduction of lactagogue (method) / lactation acupuncture
How to manage mother-baby separation Introduction to common Chinese herbs for postnatal mothers
Returning to work Communication skills



Ms Lam Chi Oi Christine
RN, RM, BHS(Nsg), MMid, IBCLC, WHO Breastfeeding Counsellor, Trainer of WHO/UNICEF BF Counselling Course
Ms Siu Sau Mei Esther
RN, RM, GDNurs, MMid, IBCLC, WHO Breastfeeding Counsellor, Trainer of WHO/UNICEF BF Counselling Course
Ms Yeung Lee Man Julia
RN, RM, BNurs, MPH, IBCLC, WHO Breastfeeding Counsellor, Trainer of WHO/UNICEF BF Counselling Course [Breastfeeding Mothers]
Ms Wong Nga Wai Agnes
RN, BN, Pgd Epidemiology and Biostatistics, MPH, IBCLC, Pgd HSM, WHO Breastfeeding Counsellor, Trainer of WHO/UNICEF BF Counselling Course [Breastfeeding Mothers]
Ms Tse Ka Man Carmen
Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner, MSc in Stroke and Clinical Neurosciences (CUHK), BCM & BSc (Hons) in Biomed Sci (HKBU), Cert Course in Reproductive Medicine & Assisted Reproductive Technology (CUHK, O&G), Cert Course in Maternal & Infant Nutrition (CUHK, O&G) [Breastfeeding Mothers]


Participants who have completed the whole course and passed the examination will be presented with a “Certificate of Passing” by the Organizers. The qualified participants may quote “ Professional “Peiyue” (Breastfeeding) Certificate Course (2024) ” on their name cards. The list of qualified participants will be uploaded onto the website of the Organizers for three years.


Teaching methods

Lectures, Group Discussions, Practicum


Conducted in Cantonese, Couse material in Chinese


For Course details, please refer to Chinese version.


***Download Application Form (Only Chinese Version)***

– Please refer to the Chinese version


Lists of Graduates


General Enquiry: 2591 0782 (Voice mail)
Fax: 2338 5521

Brief Introduction to the organizers

Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association [BFHIHKA]

In 1992, the Hong Kong Committee for UNICEF formed the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Committee in order to promote and support breastfeeding in Hong Kong. This Committee has been organising activities to raise awareness for breastfeeding, for example the World Breastfeeding Week in Hong Kong. The Committee was registered as Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Hong Kong Association (BFHIHKA) in June 1994. We aim to promote breastfeeding and protect infant health. We are committed to create a health care and societal environment that enables parents and other caregivers to make informed decisions about optimal infant feeding and carry them through.

Natural Parenting Network [NPN]

Natural Parenting Network (NPN) is a Hong Kong-based charity (ref no: 91/14461) set up in 2015 by three mothers. NPN advocates for parenting practices that foster human’s evolved developmental niche for the overall health of our society. NPN’s three priorities are: mother and baby friendly birth; normal term breastfeeding; and responsive and nurturing care. Since 2015, NPN has been commissioned by the Department of Health of Hong Kong to deliver a breastfeeding peer support program. Under this program, NPN has trained over hundred volunteers and conducted regular seminars, workshops, and activities for caregivers of children.

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